Want to lose 40 LBS in 180 Days?


I’ve set a goal of a 40-pound weight loss by the first of October, 2019! In 2016 I lost 56 lbs in one year by simply cutting out all added sugar! No cookies, no ice cream, no candy, no doughnuts and especially no sweet soda! I also walked 500 miles and worked out with gym weight systems.

Since 2016 I’ve gained some additional information about good weight loss ideas. If you want great numbers, i.e A1c, cut out all fried foods, potatoes, pasta and cut back on bread. A great idea is to have your burger in between two large pieces of Iceberg Lettuce! I’ve started doing this and I really liked the taste.

In addition to watching what you eat you need to get up and walk or ride a bike. If you own a treadmill, that’s a good alternative! Gym exercise equipment is also important. You don’t need to kill yourself, just do a little at a time. Remember, 30 minutes x 5 days a week, plus your walking.

Join me, and make 2019 a year to remember!

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