I used one of ED’s Tips this morning! Walked the first mile with 2 x 3 lb hand weights. I followed Edward Curtis instructions and exercises while I walked. This exercise will prove how nice it is just to lose 6 pounds!

ED Curtis has a fitness tip for all of us. He has a very good video example that we will load here soon. Standing, facing a wall, with both hands against the wall, first swing your right leg back and forth 10 times, then repeat the same with your left leg. This exercise will help keep the hips flexible and also help in reducing hip problems down the road! This tip is especially helpful for all us FFFC walkers!


Fitness tip of the week from my friend Dave. For the class of 60’s crowd remember work out two days then rest a day. Work out two rest a day. Take care of your joints and muscles with these supplements. This will help knees, hips and elbows !! Keep it moving and enjoy life — in Evansville, Indiana. ED Curtis

Fitnes tip of the week !!! Use light weights while walking or treadmill !! Remember rest day is as important as workouts. Workout two rest one. I have been doing this light weights for years while walking !!!! Give it a try.


ED Curtis…

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GM Facebook fans and Harry Shields !! Here is first workout tip !! A start of yoga in your life. Do the five rites everyday to open up your spine and energize your body. I do 21 reps but start at your owe pace. No gym are equipment required. This is easy way to start a healthy lifestyle. This only takes 10 minutes !!! Try it and tell me how you feel?

The Five Tibetan Rites Click Here!

Fitness tip of the day !! Twice a day stand next to wall and put your hands up for 30 sec !! As we age your posture is so important. This will help you from leaning forward. Harry good work on the walks !! I got got in my first 20 miler for year with some hills ( legs are toast)


Fitness tip for the day especially you Harry Shields !!! After workouts are walking when your legs are tired come home and lay on floor and put your legs up the wall for 5 minutes. This really helps at night before you go to bed. PS get your butt as close to the wall as possible


Walk and Exercise to A New You!