Personal 21 Day CHALLENGE!!


We’re starting a new 100 Day FFFC CHALLENGE on October 1, 2016! Ed Edward Curtis will be posting more about it soon! I’m taking on a new challenge for the first 21 days, and you are welcome to join me if you like. Along with Ed’s plan, I’m only going to eat vegetables, according to The “Daniel Diet” in the Bible, plus Ezekiel 4:9 Bread, also from the Bible [thank you cousin Margay] and 1/2 gallon of filtered water per day. I’m going to try to lose 19 pounds over the course of the first 21 days! When successful, I’m going to focus the remaining 79 days on getting into the best fitness possible! I would like to match where I was 46 years ago when I first went to Music City! I’ll still be an old man, but I might even be able to run for the first time in 40 years! All of this God willing.

Personal Weight Loss Discovery!

brain2 (1)

My discovery is called a lifestyle change, not a diet. I’ll be honest when I started I didn’t know if it would work? I didn’t know if I could lose weight without some type of exercise program? Much to my surprise, it worked better than I could have ever hoped for! I just gave up food and drink products that were loaded with added sugar! That’s it! Nothing complicated, nothing costly, no diet plans and no extreme weight training! This is absolutely the easiest thing I have ever done, bar none. Follow this simple plan and you can lose all the weight you want. The tool that you will need is between your ears, it’s called your brain. Most of you are a lot smarter than me! All I have done is to learn how to control how my brain works with my body! Once you learn to program yourself and use self-control you can do it to!

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Fitness Tip For The Week!

ED Curtis has a fitness tip for all of us. He has a very good video example that we will load here soon. Standing, facing a wall, with both hands against the wall, first swing your right leg back and forth 10 times, then repeat the same with your left leg. This exercise will help keep the hips flexible and also help in reducing hip problems down the road! This tip is especially helpful for all us FFFC walkers!