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New 90 Day Fitness Tune Up!


Previously, we had decided to stop the 30, 60 and 90 day FFFC Challenges! Nothing is ever written in stone? We’re bringing back a 90 day summer fitness program and we’re calling it the 90 Day Fitness Tune Up! Let’s make this July, August and September the best three months this year! Lose weight, get fit and be ready for a grand ole fall and winter!

Want to lose 40 LBS in 180 Days?


I’ve set a goal of a 40-pound weight loss by the first of October, 2019! In 2016 I lost 56 lbs in one year by simply cutting out all added sugar! No cookies, no ice cream, no candy, no doughnuts and especially no sweet soda! I also walked 500 miles and worked out with gym weight systems.

Since 2016 I’ve gained some additional information about good weight loss ideas. If you want great numbers, i.e A1c, cut out all fried foods, potatoes, pasta and cut back on bread. A great idea is to have your burger in between two large pieces of Iceberg Lettuce! I’ve started doing this and I really liked the taste.

In addition to watching what you eat you need to get up and walk or ride a bike. If you own a treadmill, that’s a good alternative! Gym exercise equipment is also important. You don’t need to kill yourself, just do a little at a time. Remember, 30 minutes x 5 days a week, plus your walking.

Join me, and make 2019 a year to remember!

Final Thoughts


Reinventing yourself can spring from many reasons in your life, including major upheaval to general dissatisfaction. Regardless of your impetus, embarking on a significant life change such as this is a brave move that can help you achieve your ultimate happiness. Be willing to put in the hard work, and you will reap the generous rewards.

Don’t be afraid to purge your life of what is holding you back. It might be a stack of books that no longer align with your values, it could be clothing that doesn’t fit or even furniture that is uncomfortable, unused or just ugly to you now. You might be surprised at just how much those physical items have been holding you back, both physically and emotionally.

Change is difficult, but with the right mindset, clear goals, self-awareness, and regular action, you can start making changes today that will lead you down your chosen path. Remember that no lasting change will occur right away, and you must be persistent and patient if you want to transform your life.

Finding ways to reinvent yourself can help you achieve your strongest desires and realize your full potential.
Tired of not feeling satisfied in your life? Maybe you’re ready for your next reinvention.

It’s never too late to reinvent yourself! Life has never passed you by so much that you can’t change yourself. You can achieve whatever you put your mind to whenever you choose.

“I overcame myself, the sufferer; I carried my own ashes to the mountains; I invented a brighter flame for myself.” Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

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Reinvent Yourself After Age 60

At age 60, life can be extremely meaningful, and it may not be as much about “you”. It may be time to pass the knowledge on to younger generations and sharing what life has taught you. You may even want to progress in your life as far as career goes and this is completely normal.

How can you best reinvent yourself at and after age 60?

• Focus on contributing to a greater cause (promoting a lasting sense of self-worth)
• Be consistent with social interaction
• Enjoy life more often (leisure activities, travel, etc.)
• Make health a priority (exercise, nutrition, therapy etc.)
• Design your retirement in line with your own goals, needs, and desires
• Make a major life change

Putting out into the world what you’ve taken in, from years of experience, is one of the most gratifying aspects of life. When we help others by sharing something, we’re passionate about our sense of meaning increases drastically. We always want to feel a sense of worth (who doesn’t) and it’s necessary to put yourself out there more (especially at and after age 60) than ever.

Loneliness at age 60 is very common and unfortunately, depression and a loss of interest in life can result. However, it’s up to the individual to want to be active in engaging with others to avoid a life of solitude. Meaningful relationships can make life so much more enjoyable, and for many, they are essential for a healthy lifestyle.

Around age 60 and the years which follow is the perfect time to start putting the stresses from your younger years behind, to enhance the quality of life from this point on. Leisure activity is earned, and years of hard work make this completely understandable. The lifestyle choices at this age are crucial to long life and health.

Health should be a priority at this age, and not only physically speaking because the mind must be maintained, especially as you get older. Mental health exercise is just as important as exercise which conditions the body.

Consider having a regular therapist which you can benefit from by expressing yourself and venting when necessary.

Being disciplined by making healthy nutritional choices and exercising will do wonders for health. It’s important to keep yourself as healthy as possible if you want to experience longevity in your efforts of self-reinvention. Lifestyle changes are not an option if you desire to reinvent yourself at and after age 60.

Reinvent Yourself After Age 50

50 is an interesting age because at this point in time, you’ve experienced much of what life has to offer. However, many people at age 50 feel the need and desire to change things up a bit. Whether that means with life in general or whether it means working on a new “you” (ideally, it’s both).

How can you best reinvent yourself at and after age 50?

The most important thing to remember is that it is entirely possible, and many people have more success at doing so than other age groups.

• Notice the psychological changes you’ve experienced
• Make better relationship choices
• Make a really big life change
• Make up for lost time by attempting things you’ve dreamed of but never did
• Keep fit and active
• Consider your newly defined roles, perhaps your children left for college and now “motherhood” has a different meaning
• Consider dreams you have put off because you were raising children

The “mind” changes as time does and you’ll want to adjust. It doesn’t mean something is wrong; however, it’s this way for a reason. Desires and priorities come and go but it’s up to you to decide where you want your focus to be.
Time and experience cause changes in mindset and it’s best to utilize the changes as a “strength” rather than a burden.

The relationships you build at this age are extremely important as you’ll likely have these people in your life for a while. Connecting with people who are like-minded and mindful of your well-being will be a great asset to your life at and after age 50.

Many people neglect to strategically choose the company in their lives which can cause loneliness and depression. Lasting relationships take time to develop. Your social circle will likely be different at this point and priorities will be drastically different as you desire to settle down and appreciate relationships.

Past life experiences can cause regret for many but 50 is a perfect age to make some really big life changes. The desire to become involved with others and become a productive member of society appears to be the case more so at this age. Stagnation is often detrimental for many (especially at and after age 50) and avoidance of such circumstances is often necessary for wellbeing.

Now is the time to really stretch yourself a bit further, to make life what you want it to be. In fact, many people over 50 experience the biggest life changes, and have a whole new role in life. Age is not a determining factor of when life starts to slow down in special instances (you can choose when you want to slow down).

By pushing yourself physically and keeping active, you can reinvent yourself by allowing your body and mind to encourage many more years of productivity. Exercise and activity are essential for life itself and the mental benefits are just as prominent. There’s no excuse for not maintaining a healthy mind and body which will increase longevity drastically.

Age 50 is a special age and a beginning of more to come. Focus needs to be a priority because slowing down isn’t an option. The wisdom and experience at and beyond this age is beyond useful to society.

More Ways To Reinvent Yourself

Make interesting choices

What do you want your biography to say at the end of your life? Make adventurous choices, and your story will be adventurous. Make predictable choices, and your story will be predictable. It’s up to you.

Practice honesty

Being honest with yourself and others is important for acknowledging your successes as well as your failures. When you struggle, share this with others, as they may be able to help you succeed in your next attempt. When you are proud of your accomplishments, celebrate with others, too.

Get Spiritual

Whether it’s meditation, yoga or even starting a journal. Getting spiritual doesn’t mean getting religious (unless that’s how you want to do it). It simply means connecting to yourself and the universe in a more profound way. One of the greatest ways to do this is to start a gratitude list. As you focus on the positive parts of your life you will attract more of the same. It will shift your entire perspective. It can also provide you with support during difficult times.

Becoming grateful for what you have and what you have already accomplished can help you through your reinvention process. Spend ten minutes each day acknowledging your gits and accomplishments.

Keep learning

Read books, take classes, go to conferences, but always keep learning, no matter what. Reinvention means you need to become a new person, and that means learning new things. Continuous learning allows you to develop new mental habits, consider new ideas and perspectives, and learn what you need to help you accomplish your dreams.


Trying new things, like continuous learning, experimentation exposes you to a whole new world. Experimentation also helps you take risks, which is important for stretching you beyond your current capabilities.

Make a list every day

Before you start your day, make a list of your areas of focus. You’ll soon notice patterns, which tells you where your passions lie or where your priorities lie. Set daily goals, and make these your priority before doing other, more routine tasks.

Be bold

Reinventing yourself takes courage. It’s not always easy but be bold. No one else has to agree with or even understand what you are trying to accomplish. Boldness shows your confidence in your abilities to achieve your dreams.

Don’t explain yourself

When others question your choices or ask you questions about your decision to reinvent yourself, be honest but don’t feel you have to justify yourself. You make your reinvention decisions because of your needs and desires, and no one else should have a say in that choice. You must live with your decisions, so it doesn’t matter what others want or think.

“Forgive yourself for the things that turned you into a ghost.
Let me watch you love yourself solid again.”

Caitlyn Siehl

Get out of your comfort zone

If you really want to reinvent yourself, break out of all those habits and comforts of your former life. Break the mold to explore all the possibilities that life has to offer. Trying new things is the only way to explore new options.

Be realistic

While it may not be possible to become an astronaut after middle age, it’s never too late to explore a career in engineering, space exploration, aeronautics, or other fields that are connected to outer space. Think outside the box to find a realistic outlet for your passions.

While money isn’t everything, it is necessary

Yes, following your passion is a wonderful endeavor, it’s also important that you can support yourself. Explore ways to turn your passion into a career that can support your financial goals, and you’ll have the best of both worlds.

Stay on top of your finances

Reinvention may cost you money. If you need to learn new skills or acquire a new degree to accomplish your new goals, that will take money. If you change careers, your salary will likely change, as well. Manage your money well, create a budget that includes all the costs of your reinvention, and learn to manage a variable income carefully.

Today is a new day

No matter what, every day is a chance to reinvent yourself. Change never stops. Welcome and embrace this opportunity each and every day.

If you have a passion for something but no skill yet, start today by practicing your new habit.

If you want to paint, get your supplies and paint. If you want to be a writer, sit down today and write something. The minute you decide you are something or that you do something, you are on the path to reinvention.

Don’t worry about what others want you to do

Who cares if your parents always dreamed that you would become a lawyer. So, what if your friends don’t understand that you long to be a chef. Choose yourself and your freedom over the desires of others. It’s your life. Lead it how you want.

Turn a weakness into a strength

If you are introverted, become the best listener. If you struggle to write clearly, become the world’s best proofreader.


When you have passion about a topic, consider sharing it with others. Make a YouTube video and start by putting your knowledge out there for the world.

Identify Your Loves and Passions

What do you value? What gets your engine running? If you could make a living at a hobby, what would it be? Getting a handle on what you enjoy and what you love to do, how you love to feel, and whom you love to be around lets you set some big, broad goals. In all cases and steps of reinvention, ask yourself questions like:

• How can I make my passions a way of life?
• How can my loves and passions help me stay financially sound?
• Do I have any support to make the changes to become congruent with my passions?
Explore Your Immediate Options

Immediate options generally include things like your skill set, your finances, your contacts and social links in life. These can be springboards to the new you. Think of these as assets you already must dedicate to your renewal.

Consider the Unknown

The unknown is scary, but it can also lead to some great discoveries. There are two big sources of it, too. There’s the unknown out there in the world external to us, and the unknown inside you. When you change your life, there’s bound to be internal changes that you didn’t plan for.

If planning were all it took to reinvent one’s life, it’d be much simpler. Let the possibility of change flourish in you. If you try hard to hang on to everything that you’ve got now, that you are now, nothing will change