35 Ways To Reinvent Yourself

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“You always have the opportunity to learn, evolve,
forgive, and change for the better.”

Sade Andria Zabala

Having trouble coming up with your ideas for reinvention?

Practice just generating ideas. Creative and introspection muscles atrophy when they are not used, so practice using them before making big decisions. Spend a week just creating as many new and exciting options and ideas as possible, without judging any design for any reasons. Focus on quantity and practice every day to build up those habits of mind.


Often, therapy is viewed as something that is solely for people who have mental health issues, but that is a completely falsehood. It’s one of the best ways to get in touch with yourself, learn all about who you really are and improve yourself.

A therapist will simply help guide you through the discovery process. If you often find yourself in pain from the trigger of old memories, then it’s something that you need to deal with. Even if you believe that you are mentally and emotionally healthy otherwise. Learning how to cope with painful emotions is a really important step in the reinvention journey.

Wait until you are really ready for change

Sometimes, we are forced into making changes due to life’s circumstances. But, until you are really ready and want to change, you won’t be able to enact the lasting change necessary for reinvention. If you don’t want to change, you never will. Wait until you are ready, and you’ll find your reinvention process to be more successful and satisfying.

Network with others

If you are interested in developing and reinventing yourself, it’s important to stay connected to other people. Get to know new people to expose you to new habits and perspectives. This about how you can connect with your friends, family, online communities, colleagues, experts in your chosen field, and thought or spiritual leaders. All these people have something to offer your transformation.

Identify Bad Habits

We all have our own bad habits, you can’t leave them behind until you recognize yours. Do you procrastinate? Are you a nail biter? Do you smoke? Are you late for everything? It’s time to step out of those bad habits. You can do this with a gentle reprimand or a distraction. Either way, leaving bad habits behind is vital to the reinvention process.

External Reinvention

Sometimes the biggest favor you can do for your reinvention plans is to make an outward change. You can completely change your wardrobe or simply introduce a new outfit. Purge your closet of the outfits that don’t feel like you or that you no longer wear and replace them with some pieces that fit with you more now. Reinventing yourself is often an inner thing, but an outward change can be a positive psychological encouragement.

Get up earlier

If you are continually searching for time to engage in the work required to reinvent yourself, start setting your alarm 30 minutes earlier and use the quiet morning alone time to focus on yourself. When no one else is awake, you’ll find you get more done in a short amount of time at this hour, too.

Remember to take it one step at a time

Reinventing yourself is a lengthy process. It can take years to reach your ultimate goals. Instead of just focusing on the result, remember to concentrate on what you can do today. Put one foot in front of the other and focus on today.

Get enough rest

Sleeping at least seven hours each night is vital for maintaining your health and having the energy you need to reach your goals. No one can survive and thrive while being sleep deprived, so be sure you are getting enough sleep.

Learn from a mentor

There are many different types of mentors, and they are everywhere. You can learn directly from people in your life, from authors, from online communities, through new experiences, by traveling, and be watching videos online. Soak it all up and learn from everything you can.

If you’ve got a general idea of what you want to do, you can start homing in on sources of information and expertise. Those sources can be people who are knowledgeable or experience with the subject matter, profession, hobby, whatever it is that’s appealing to you.

If you know you want to reinvent yourself, but haven’t got a lock on a destination yet, there’s no worry. Many people go through the renewal process without any hint of a fixed destination or end-point in mind when they start off. That said, it’s good to have someone around who can give you ideas, feedback, and support that’s related to your journey.

Conscious Decisions

There are times in life where you have no choice but to reinvent yourself. In this case, your decisions become different. The focus is on how you plan to do something and what you will do, instead of whether or if.
Go out of your way to make conscious decisions every day – whether it’s what you have for breakfast or deciding to ignore the negativity in your life. It’s a choice to work on yourself intentionally.

Set your priorities

You won’t be able to accomplish everything you need to all at once when reinventing yourself. Decide what is most important, and work on that goal first. Prioritize your most-needed or important goals and new habits first so you can make the most from your change process.

Learn from failure

You can’t learn to be a professional musician without making a lot of mistakes, so why would you expect to transform yourself without failing now and then? Failure is just an opportunity to get feedback. It’s what you do with that knowledge that defines you. Learn from your failures and try again.

Deeper Meaning

Sometimes life can feel terrifying, every day is exhausting. You feel stuck in this vicious cycle and it feels as though there are no fixing things. It’s time to dig deeper. Look within yourself to recognize your thought and behavioral patterns. It’s okay to recognize that there are areas of you that require improvement.

Just like it’s good to see the good in yourself. It’s all about getting to know yourself and understanding the hidden emotions that may be driving your behaviors. An important part of the reinvention journey is examining your feelings, how you react to them, and the circumstances in which you come across these issues.

Be silent

When the challenges of reinvention start to feel overwhelming, sit in silence. Don’t do anything, don’t talk to anyone. Just be in the moment. Meditate or focus on the quiet, focus on your breathing, and remember that tomorrow is another chance to try again.

If you are struggling to identify your passion in life, try this exercise.

Go to a bookstore and walk through the shelves. Browse all the topics. Which of these would you be willing to read 500 books about? In what area are you intrigued and curious? If you pick a focus and find a few weeks later that perhaps that wasn’t really your passion, try again. There’s no deadline. You have as much time as you want to pick your passion.

“You may think it’s too late to start over; it’s not. You may think that you are too broken to be fixed; you’re not.” Alessandra Nicasio

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