Regular Reassessment

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Regular Reassessment

As you embark on a journey of change and reinvention, remember to reevaluate your goals and plans regularly. You likely don’t have the same goals today you had as a kid, right? So, why wouldn’t your dreams continue to evolve with you over time?

Spend time regularly reassessing where you are headed if that’s still where you want to be going, and how well you are doing with your progress thus far.

Find a milestone or benchmark date that works for you but make this an annual habit. When you become flexible enough to adjust your goals periodically, you’ll find that you are happier and actually attain higher accomplishments.

Don’t look at this process as giving up on your dreams. That’s not an accurate reflection of this habit. Instead of giving up, you are shifting your gaze.

You are setting your sights on something that is more important to who you are now, after a year of significant work and introspection. You are not the same person who made that goal a year ago, and you need the opportunity to change your thinking as well as change your mind.

And don’t waste time thinking, “But, I’ve already put so much into THIS plan.” Guess what? All that hard work paid off. It taught you new things and helped you refine your needs and values. That is never wasted effort. In fact, some would argue, that is the reward for deciding to reinvent yourself.

Checking in with yourself regularly can help you confirm that you are still on the right path, make adjustments where needed, and allow you to forge ahead with confidence that you are doing everything you can to reinvent yourself into the person you truly want to be.

Maintain Focus and Motivation

Reinventing yourself requires focus and motivation. Sticking with it long enough to see meaningful change is the hardest obstacle for most people, as establishing new habits and patterns can take a while. One way you can help maintain your focus and stay motivated is to use visual reminders for yourself.

Think about the person you want to become and the goals you are working to achieve. One visual that can help you remain focused on these ideals is a vision board. Create a space in your home or office that includes images and words related to your reinvention. You can even include inspirational articles or quotes, objects that hold significance for you, and other items.

Spend time documenting your vision, beliefs, values, and goals. Take the time to write these down, then place them somewhere you will see them regularly. Or, if you prefer, write yourself post-it notes and leave them around your house as reminders of your chosen path and objectives.

Transform your physical space into one that motivates and encourages your reinvention work. Have the resources and tools you need readily available. Get rid of distractions and detractors. Create an environment that serves your new purpose and focus.

Celebrate Your Accomplishments

Along the path to reinvention, you should feel pride in the changes you make and the goals you accomplish. Celebrate yourself when you reach a milestone are master a new habit. Acknowledge your hard work, even when it doesn’t always pay off right away. Make the effort, and your efforts will feel worthy.