reinvent (3)


To know what you need to do to reinvent yourself, you first need to assess your current self.
Self-assessment means asking yourself some tough questions and engaging in introspection that can reveal some unwelcome truths, but this stage, like the first, is crucial.

To get started, ask yourself some questions:

• Why do you want to reinvent yourself?
• Why is this type of change necessary and important to you?
• What is your honest desire as an outcome of reinvention?
• Do these reasons seem important enough to you at this time?
• Do you have personal control over the aspects of yourself you most want to change?

Without the right reasons and motivations guiding your process, you won’t have sufficient energy to get through this process. Without a full commitment, the changes you desire will always remain out of reach. Once you know your motivation, take a look at yourself to assess your strengths, passions, and areas for growth. These questions can help you determine your drive for change, what you want to accomplish with this process, and what strengths you can build on to achieve your dreams.

Ask yourself questions such as these:

• What are those things that you find more fulfilling?
• What character defects do you want to work on?
• Who do you want to become?
• What personal issues do you need to work through?
• What are your greatest weaknesses that you can change?
• What are your values and beliefs that guide your decisions?
• Picture who you want to be? What are the details?
• What are your most pressing priorities in life, and how to these compliment or conflict with your desires?

Focusing on these areas can help you determine what you want to accomplish and frame your vision for your future, as your passions, beliefs, and values, which guide your mission.

It’s also important to investigate your areas for growth. Refer back to the list of 53 Areas of Personal Development for guidance.

• In what ways do you see yourself needing to make changes?
• What would others say are your target areas for growth?
• Consider how these fit into your growth plan for reinvention.

Remember, we all have strengths and weaknesses, and instead of letting your weaknesses derail you or hold you back, transform them into strengths by using them to your advantage.