Do You Have Poor Relationships?

One of the best ways to ascertain your own personal psychological and emotional health is to look at your romantic partner. Are they caring, loving and supportive? Or are they the opposite? They reflect you, and what you feel you deserve. If you are you often unhappy in your relationships and feel stuck in a miserable relationship, this is a sure sign that you need a reinvention.

Breaking up with this person is typically not enough, it’s a short-term solution, a band-aid. Typically, the next person you attract will be the same. In these situations, you need to work on yourself and analyze what is going on within yourself.

When you change yourself, the people you attract will change as well. Seeking the help of a trained mental health professional can be of great help in this area.

Other Signs And Reasons For Reinvention

Those who need or would benefit from reinventing themselves are likely to be depressed or anxious about their current status. They may have recently had a major or tragic event in their lives. They seem to go through the motions without really engaging in life.

They struggle to find real joy or purpose. And they are always questioning their own actions, choices, habits, and abilities. Does any of this sound like you? Are you longing for something new or ready to start living the life you’ve always wanted? Then you are ready to enjoy all the benefits of reinventing yourself.

• You experienced a nasty breakup
• You didn’t reach a goal you had set for yourself
• You have character defects that you want to change
• You have low self-esteem and wish to change this
• You’re approaching a milestone birthday, whether it’s 60, 50, 21, 40 or 30
• It may be a periodic reinvention, perhaps you want to reinvent yourself every five years
• You may just want to explore different areas of your life and aspects of yourself
• You want to grow as a person
• You want to elevate some part of yourself, be it psychological, spiritual or emotional or mental
• You want to develop healthier behavior patterns
• You feel as though you’re stuck in a rut
• You’ve been treading water in life for too long and you’re ready to make a change
• It’s time for a comeback, like a phoenix rising from the flame

“Every day is a new life to a wise man.”
Dale Carnegie