Proactive Reinvention: Purposefully Forging A New You

There are several kinds of reinvention. Proactive reinvention can be the toughest. In proactive reinvention, you are at a place that’s safe and comfortable at that moment. Major life changes aren’t immediately required. You might even be able to keep on coasting just as you are, but that’s not a satisfying place for you anymore.
Even though reinvention can be scary, you still have the desire to do it. Reinvention seems better than where you are. Maybe you are simply tired and unfulfilled with your life, your work, or your relationships. Sometimes all three categories cry out for change.

Proactive reinvention has the advantage of not being urgent in most cases. You can be deliberate in your choices. Change is part of life and choosing to change yourself for the better is a healthy and normal reaction to all the ways we grow and evolve throughout life. Deciding to transform yourself just means you recognize that an evolution is needed at this point in your life and you want to take advantage of it. So, how do you know if you need or are ready for a total reinvention?

How can you be sure that what you are feeling is really worthy of this type of transformation and that it won’t pass soon enough?

Let’s look for some of the most common signs that you need reinventing.